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ENGlish Country dance

English Contra is at NVS the most common used form of dance where the different dance figures will be explained and called by a dance instructoru 


Square Dance is an American dance in which 2 pairs dance in a square and perform all kind of figures that will be announced by a singer.


The international form of dancing is mainly done by the younger generation, these forms of dancing are mostly done during the Pentecostal and summer camps

When you are new to the exciting world of Country-dancing whether this is English, Scottish, Irish or American, you can find out more by clicking on the links. However we suggest that you first read more about the English Country Dancing in a great summary, or maybe you are more interested in the historical background.

What is NVS?

"Nederlandse Volksdans Stichting" (Dutch Folk-dance foundation), was founded in 1946. When the decision was made to create a more democratic structure the name changed, but the initials stayed the same.


What are the activities of the NVS?

NVS organise dance activities on local and national level in the area of English, Scottish and American dance. These activities are announced and explained in the club magazine "Dancenews", that appears every 2 months. NVS also has a point of sales and maintains an archive about books and recordings.


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