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WHITSUN CAMP 2018              


Dates and times:                            from 8 p.m on Friday May 18th until 4 p.m. on Monday 21 May. The camping field is open from 1                                                             p.m. on the Friday.

Plaats                                             Camp farm “De Kastanjes”, Diepertseweg 22, 5424 TA Elsendorp.

                                                       ( +31(0)492-319403


English country: To be announced

Square: To be announced

Childrens’ programme: To be announced

Young peoples’ dance: To be announced

Music: From recordings

Event Manager: To be announced

Fees:                                                                                NVS-members           non-members

                                                       Age: 27  and older            50                        60

                                                       age 16 t/m 26                    46                        55

                                                       age 13 t/m 15                                                  30

                                                       age  4  t/m 12                                                  22

                                                       age  2  t/m   3                                                  16


Early-bird reduction:                  If you are aged 16 or older and you book and pay before the closing date you may deduct  €10,-              p.p. from the fees.

            The fees cover: Camp charges whether camping  or sleeping in the farm building, participation in all                activities, together with coffee  or tea in the evening sessions.

Chores:                                          You will be asked to help with various tasks during the camp. The Event Manager will draw up a list                of these tasks.

Booking:                                       You can reserve your place by completing the form  and transferring the                                                 correct amount to account NL04INGB0000437321 of Volksdansvereniging NVS quoting                                                 reference 'PIKA2018' and details of the attendees.Haren met specificatie van personen en 
                                           If you wish to sleep in one of the farm dormitories, please tell us this when you book.

                                                      Note: If you want to attend only part of the camp, you will need to notify and pay the Event Manager.                                                        This ruling also applies if you receive visitors during the camp.

             People under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

             If you book by email, or if you supply your email when you book, you will receive confirmation of                   your booking.

Closing date:                                  Friday 4 May 2018

What to bring:                               Camping gear and robust dancing shoes. If you intend to sleep in the farm building you will need a                  sleeping bag, a bottom sheet and a pillow.

Finally:                                          This camp is on a self-catering basis: you will need to arrange for your own meals. Coffee /tea  will                                                            only be provided during the evening sessions.

            The childrens’ programme will take place regardless of the number of children present.  The NVS                    will  ensure that the children are engaged during the programmed sessions, but the parents or                            guardians have the final responsibility for their charges. The NVS expects that every participant treats              all others with respect.



Annuleringsregeling                      Tot de sluitingsdatum van het pinksterkamp kunt u kosteloos annuleren. Bij annulering na de                             sluitingsdatum tot 2 dagen vóór aanvang van het                 Pinksterkamp wordt u, ongeacht de                         reden,   27,-  p.p. in rekening gebracht. Bij latere annulering bent u de volledige deelnemersprijs

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