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Dutch Callers’ Choice(Dance instructions in booklet)



Oe Moe Me Noe?



Oe Moe Me Noe?



Oe Moe Me Noe?



Dutch Crossing
(dance instructions in booklet)



English or Double Dutch



English or Double Dutch I



English or Double Dutch I

CD + Book


English or Double Dutch II



English or Double Dutch III



Triple Dutch



Holland as Seen
in the English Country Dance



Shades of Shaw-Dunant’s Favourites



Shades of Shaw-Dunant's Favourites



Shades of Shaw-Dunant's Favourites

CD + Book


New Wine in Old Bottles



Han Kindt's Quartet



Anders van Anders
Dances in English style



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 Dutch Callers’ Choice

A selection of English country dances
Played by Triple Time

Dance instructions

Richmond Ball/The Runner
6 x 32 reels
The Spanish Farmers’ Dance
3 x 36 reels
Cat in the Window
3 x 32 waltzes
The Cowslip (Sawdl y Fuwch)
3 x 48 reels
Menuet van Händel
3 x 32 waltzes
Casterton Capers
7 x 32 jigs
Familiar Quotations
4 x 32 waltzes
Old Noll’s Jig
7 x 32 jigs
The Pursuit
7 x 32 reels
Rubies & Garnets
6 x 24 reels
Braye’s Magott
9 x 16 slip jigs
Our English Dancing Master
7 x 32 reels/jigs
Zealand/Road to Jaap and Dini
7 x 32 jigs
Simple Gifts
9 x 16 reels
The Spanish Farmers’ Dance
3 x 36 reels
Set of jigs
7 x 32 jigs
The Queen of Sheba
3 x 32 reels
Errol on the Green
6 x 32 reels
Little Farmer’s Wife
7 x 28 jigs
The Courtesy
3 x 32 waltzes
6 x 21 reels

 Oe Moe Me Noe?

15 English Country Dances by Ægle Hoekstra

* finalist in Dance Search 1995
The Butterfly
3 couples, slip jig
Delicious Dinner Duo
7 dancers, hornpipe
Go back the Way You Came, Dear!
Sicilian circle, jig
Heads or Tails *
Circle, jig
Hemel Hempstead Roundabout
6 couples, jig
Circle, mazurka
In the 7th Heaven
7 couples, reel
Oe Moe Me Noe?
Longways, jig
Scarborough Fair
Longways, waltz
Something Elsche
6 couples, jig
Special Star
Longways, jig
*.* (Star-point-Star) *
4 couples, hornpipe
Terpsichoré Waltz
Circle, waltz
Thrice Triple
Longways triple minor, waltz
You Freak, You will Dance
Sicilian circle, schottische

 Dutch Crossing

English Country Dances with Dutch connections
Played by Wild Thyme

The latest version of this CD has a booklet with dance descriptions
Pat’s Tradition
Cor Hogendijk
Lost and Found
Ernst van Brakel
Harke Planeet
Cor Hogendijk
The Two Cousins
Wil van den Berg
Dutch Crossing
Ernst van Brakel
Capers at Zeist
John Lagden and Lena Rees
Trip to the Mills (Molengang)
Han Kindt
Liesbeth’s Double Five
Cor Hogendijk
Hemel Hempstead Roundabout
Ægle Hoekstra
Enrichez Vous
Antony Heywood
A Trip to Amsterdam
Philippe Callens
Jaap Krug
Fine Dame
Simone Verheyen
Early one Morning
Ernst van Brakel
Dunant House Waltz
Colin Hume

English or Double Dutch (CD)

Dutch Country Dances in English Style by Cor Hogendijk
Recorded by Dutch Comfort



Iris's Whirling
Jenny Pluck Pears
Isle of Skylge
Drie Boeren Drie
Isle of Skylge
Drie Boeren Drie
Arnold's Circle
Onder de Linden
Arnold's Circle
Onder de Linden
Lady Oriole’s Walk
Lady Oriole’s Walk
Baltish turn
Boys from the North
Kontradans (Overijssel)
The Faithful Villager
O Boose en Domme Jeught
The Faithful Villager
O Boose en Domme Jeught
The First Night
Wij zijn al bijeen
The First Night
Wij zijn al bijeen
Jelle and Joly
Rufty Tufty
Jelle and Joly
Rufty Tufty
Liesbeth's Double Five
Juffrouw Elisabeth
Trippers from Amsterdam
Southwind & Northwind
Air uit King Arthur
3/2 5x32
The Troubles
The Troubles
Marjorie's Sou'Wester
Air uit King Arthur
3/2 8x16
The Cracknels
Spagnolette Reformeert
Utrecht Hornpipe
Lord of the Dance/Quaker


 English or Double Dutch (book)

Dutch Country Dances in English Style by Cor Hogendijk

Volume I

Iris’s Whirling Liesbeth’s Double Five *
Isle of Skylge North Country Waltz
Arnold’s Circle Prince Garden
Cycling May Trippers from Amsterdam
Three Ladies Yard GEVU Girls
Lady Oriole’s Walk Southwind/Northwind
MacFrisian Waltz The Troubles
Baltish Turn Annet’s Hornpipe
Boys from the North Double Speed Hornpipe
Crossing the Dyke The Cook’s Feet
The Faithful Villager The Cracknels
First Night Pat’s Tradition *
Jelle and Joly The Speedboat
Ladies from the West Utrecht Hornpipe

* Recorded on CD “Dutch Crossing”


 Volume II

Better is Dizze Maggot Het Spoorrondsje
Coreja Wals In Wals om Utens
The Frisian Girl Dutch Comfort
Con’s Maggot A New Veteran’s Sprig
The Hague Girls The Terpest
The New Slip Afkes Tiental
Taco Wals Dutch Roundabout
De Twirre Haarlemmer Wals
Combi Hornpipe De Kor en F
De Alvestedetocht Ljouwerter Skots
The American Hole Lunner Wals
Balmere Swiss Promenade
Harke Planeet * The Frisian Hole
The Harrow Walks Londesteyn
Norwave De Doniadummer

* Recorded on CD “Dutch Crossing”

 Volume III

Aldfaerserf The Ankumation
Appelschots Borea
Bourée The Brisk Young Lad
Chestnut (Variation) The Ferryman
De FUTskots Gate of Bunnik
Gay Round Gigue
The Heinous Workshop Hutspot
Hutspot + Klapstuk Ingelsk yn in Rychje
Jubilee Sicilian Kontratanz
Lake Village Reel or JOJO Menuet *
Nobody is Perfect Op Redens (Op Schaatsen)
The Playfour Retour Paris
The Return Road to Zuylen
Round the River Saltria
Scheresliep * Silver City
Skotse yn in Rychje Die Spielende Najaden
Stadsgeneugten Up to the Ten
Utertskots Utrecht Lowlanders
Variation on Merry Andrew  

* Recorded on CD “Dutch Callers’ Choice”

 Triple Dutch

Dutch Country Dances in English Style
by Cor Hogendijk
Ernst van Brakel and
Jaap Krug

Hofstaddance Cor Hogendijk
Our English Dancing Master * Cor Hogendijk
Margo’s Delight Cor Hogendijk
Road to Jaap and Dini * Cor Hogendijk
Batavian Hole Cor Hogendijk
The Dredger Cor Hogendijk
Fryske Trije Cor Hogendijk
Frisian Knot Cor Hogendijk
Child with Tea Cor Hogendijk
Northern Round Cor Hogendijk
Frisian Duck Cor Hogendijk
The Celebration Ernst van Brakel
Early One Morning ** Ernst van Brakel
The Village Fair Ernst van Brakel
Lost and Found ** Ernst van Brakel
Forty Bars or The Drunk’s Delight Ernst van Brakel
Party at Zeist Jaap Krug
Dunant House Hornpipe Jaap Krug
Dutch Rant Jaap Krug
Dini’s Waltz Jaap Krug
The Hotch Potch Jaap Krug
Whitsun Camp Dance Jaap Krug
Oh Hetty, Dear Hetty Jaap Krug
Kitty’s Waltz Jaap Krug

* Recorded on CD “Dutch Callers’ Choice”
** Recorded on CD “Dutch Crossing”

 Holland as seen in the English Country Dance 1713 – 1820

A selection of 20 Country Dances with references to Holland in their titles taken from various English sources
selected, edited and described by PAT SHAW

The Dutch Skipper Dutch Dollars
Holland’s Ginn Helder Point 1
Zealand * Helder’s Point 2
Prince William 1 The Texel
The Nassau A Trip to the Texel
Auretti’s Dutch Skipper Admiral Mitchell’s Waltz or
La Ballet Hollandoise A Rout in the Texel
The Dutchman The Texel Island
Prince William 2 Walcheren Waltz
Prince William’s Return Up with the Orange (Oranje Boven)
Dutch Pins Juliana

* Recorded on CD “Dutch Callers’ Choice”

 Shades of Shaw

dances by Pat Shaw recorded by Dutch Comfort

Galliarde Slof (Slof Galliard) QUARTET:
Gladys’s Gallop Miss Avril’s Delight
John Tallis’s Canon Miss Bedlington’s Fancy
The Phoenix Rejuvenated Miss de Jersey’s Memorial
Pride of Newcastle Mr Ganiford’s Maggot

Dunant’s Favourites

dances done by Pat Shaw in Holland
recorded by Dutch Comfort

The Black Boy Waltz (7 x 32 bars)
The Bishop Orleans Baffled
The Female Sailor Hornpipes (5 x 32 bars)
Long Odds Faithless Nancy Dawson

 New Wine in Old Bottles

English Country Dances by Pat Shaw to old Dutch tunes

Pat Shaw (1917 – 1977) composed these 54 dances in his 54th year. The Dutch tunes are from the thirteen collections “Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlietjes en Contredansen” edited between 1700 and 1716 in Amsterdam. The “Dutch” composer Julius Röntgen (1855 – 1932) arranged them in three collections used by Pat.


Dance Tune


Ah! Belinda Ach Belinde (273) 6C,LW

All the Young Folk Al de jonge luijde (15) 6C,Round

Arrival from Holland Ik voer laast uijt Hollandt (120) 2C

As I roved out one morning Ik gink op eenen morgen (36) 3C,Round

Babylon (1st version) In Babilone (40) 3C,LW

Babylon (2nd version) In Babilone (40) 4C,LW

Betrayed Lover, The De verradene Geliefden 2C,LW

Carillon at Sneek, The Het Sneeker Klokspel (913) 4C

Carnival Vastenavond 3C,Round

Cecilia Cecilia (14) 4C

Clog Dance Klompe Dans (170) Round

Colterom Colterom(598) 3C,LW

Country Dance Contredans (383) 4M6W

Dear Papa and Dear Mama (1st) Vader lief kreeg Moeder lief (985) Round

Dear Papa and Dear Mama (2nd) Vader lief kreeg Moeder lief (985) Round

Donkey Brays, The Het Eesel schreit (611) Round

Down in the Nettles 'k lagh in de Neetelen (67) 4C

Duchess Saraband, The Sarabande op de Duchesse (785) Double Becket,LW

Emperor, The De Keiser (372) 4C

English Air, An Een Engels Voijsje (618) 2 Trios

Farmer, The De Boer (502) 3C

Farmers’ Dance * Dans voor Boeren en Boerinnen (995) 4C,more Sq

Greeting, The Ick ben gegroet van (693) 3C

Hard Times O ongelukkige Tijt (790) 3C in line

Harlequin Harlequin (313) 2C,LW

I have a Song to Sing Nu wil ik een Liedeke zingen 2C,LW

Jan Ulrich Christian Jan Ulrich Christiaen (566) 8C

Katie the Nuisance Trijntje Lollepot (654) 3C

Kindly Shepherd, The De goedwillige Harder (394) 2C

Koepoort Galliard, The Gailliarde Koepoort (56) 4C,Round

Little Agnes Angenietje 8C,Double Sq

Little Nightingale Nachtegaaltje kleijne (153) 2C,LW

Lover’s Farewell, The Ick gae mijn soeten Engel (463) 3C

Master Jacob (Becket formation) Meester Jacob (821) 6C,LW

May in the Hague De Haaghse Meij (187) Trios,LW

Men of Law or Solicitors & Barristers Procureuren en Advocaten (169) 3C,LW

Merry Moment, The Malle Kits (615) 3C

My Mother’s Geese Mijn moeder heeft Gansen (420) 3C,LW

Nightingale Nachtegaal (275) 4C,Round

Old Wives' Tales Ouwe wijven (58) 2 Trios

Penniless Soldiers, The De soldaten hebben geen gelt (409) 4C,Sq

Philida of Utrecht Philida van Utreght (842) 4C,Round

Planting the May Meiplanting 3C

Sally from Poland Poolsche Sara (418 & 419) 2C,LW

Sleepless Swain, The Noch dagh noch nacht is mijne rust (725) 2C

Slof Galliard, The ** Gailliarde Slof (61) 4C

Spanish Farmers' Dance, The De Spaensche Boerendans (351) 3C

Students’ March, The Marche van de Studenten (825) 8C

Sweet Rosie Red Soet roosie root (27) 2C,LW

Troubled Suitor, The Ag Hemel wat sal ik (920) 5C,Round

Up on a Lofty Mountain Ik stond op hogen Bergen 4C,Round

Waters of Holland (1st version), The O Nederland, let op U saeck 3C

Waters of Holland (2nd version), The O Nederland, let op U saeck 3C

Woeful Lover, The Ick hebbe mijne klachten(350) 5C


* Recorded on CD “Dutch Callers’ Choice”

** Recorded on CD “Shades of Shaw”


The number in brackets after the names of the tunes refers to the number of the tune in the collections “Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlietjes en Contredansen”.

 Anders van Anders

Dances in English style by Taco ANDERS Sikkema

66,6 Frymoor House
Basket with the Banner Jigsaw Reel
Caen Hill Staircase
or Up and Down Devizes
Joyful Fourty Years
Debbie’s Jig King of Poland 2
Draper’s Maggot T.A.S. Late at Boxtel
Dung Races The Leaving of Aebinga
Eastcoast Jig Little Farmer’s Wife *
Frisian Anglenut Orleans Baffled 2

* Recorded on CD “Dutch Callers’ Choice”

n.b Dance descriptions in Dutch only


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